This Is For The Best

by Safekeeping

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These songs were written back in 2012. It's great to finally be able to share them with everyone.

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released September 1, 2013

Recorded and mixed by Connor Gray.
Mastered by Chris Ferris at CFS Audio

Zane Knight - Vocals/Guitar
JJ De Castro - Guitar
Brad Healey - Bass
Devon Nickel - Drums



all rights reserved


Safekeeping Ottawa, Ontario

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Track Name: Restless
I'm trying constantly to remind myself that this is for the best, but every night I toss and turn completely restless. You were the only thing that kept me grounded, so what can I say to keep you from slipping away? Lately I've been going through the motions, but I don't even feel alive. I'm taking it day by day, but theres barely a second where I can begin to ease my mind. I was never a mountain, I was never a sight to see. The suns been shining a little less bright, and the nights never seem to come to an end. With tired eyes I lay awake and contemplate all the mistakes I made.
Track Name: Don't Wait For Me
I was never meant to be alive, so just let me die. That's the way I feel sometimes. I'm out of my mind. I cut all the wrong ties. I was out of line this time. Don't you wait for me, it's alright to leave me behind. I can't sleep but I'm so fucking tired. I'll drink another night away. Who am I to speak when I can't practice what I preach?
Track Name: Still
Tear the sight from my eyes, I'll still follow you blind. Shut my mouth and steal my voice, I'll still be saying sorry. Kill me again and again. I know I was a waste of your time, so go and find your peace of mind.
Track Name: Getting By
So long and goodbye. I don't think I'll see you for a while. I can't pretend that I'm feeling fine, but I'll get by in time. If we could just meet again, and I could say my piece, maybe I could find some clarity in all of this. 'Cause I still picture you by my side, and I still feel your hand in mine.
Track Name: Sink
If I put half the effort into finding myself that I did into loving someone else, maybe I'd be in a better place. The choices I've made, the prices I've paid. I'm sinking everyday. I don't care to know what you've been up to, or where you've been resting your head. Where you sleep, and where you dream of anything but me.